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Disadvantaged children in Israel suffer when their parents can no longer adequately take care of them. Without parental love and support these children are lonely, miserable, isolated, and in despair. Often, they have nothing to eat, no warm home, and no safe and happy place to go after school.

Suffering in silence, these children need Israel charity to support them at a crucial time in their lives. At Lev Lalev – Israel Girls Orphanage we provide these girls with hope, inspiration, and a pathway to success. Not only do we feed these poor children of Israel we also give them the tools they need to succeed. We provide the necessary love and human support that raises them out of their personal darkness, and put smiles on their faces, oftentimes for the very first time.

Israel Girls Orphanage – So much more then Bread for Breakfast

Ronit came to Lev Lalev as a shy and confused eight-year-old. Since she was a toddler she had been raised by her grandparents who unfortunately became too old and ill to care for her. Each day Ronit would eat a half a piece of bread for breakfast and take the other half and wrap it in plastic and take it to her room. When asked about her strange behavior she said that she did not know if she would have food for dinner. Through the help and support of charitable giving to Israel, she has begun to heal and has developed the self-confidence to both address her past and move forward with happiness and tranquility.

Help Feed Poor Israeli Children

Through your Israel charity we provide the children with nutritious hot meals three times a day, a warm home environment, and gives them formal and informal educational opportunities. Each girl is evaluated when she first comes to the Home. Then trained professionals create a specialized mental health and educational program to address her needs. Additionally, through Jewish charity sponsors the girls go on trips throughout Israel, attend a three-week camp in the summer, and receive a full new wardrobe for the holidays. Jewish and Israel charity support helps these girls celebrate their life cycle events with dignity and joy.

Donate to Israel charity and make a difference in the world!

Lev Lalev Israel Girls Orphanage brings peace and security to Israel’s needy children and gives them the second chance they so desperately need. The promise of tomorrow comes from the children of today. By partnering with the Israel Girls Orphanage, you can make a world of difference for each and every one of the girls. As you stand with Israel what you do matters and helps to bring a lasting change to these poor orphans.

You can make the critical difference in the lives of Israeli orphans and disadvantaged children as you help each of them reach their highest potential. You help the weak become strong- and what comes from your heart enters theirs.

Give them Hope/Tikvah when no one else cares. By giving Jewish Charity (tzedakah), you give hope to an entire generation of orphaned and disadvantaged children in Israel. You can make the critical difference in their lives and help each of our children reach their highest potential.

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Mazel Tov! Her success is your success. Esther came to Lev Lalev when she was only nine years old, after her mother died of an opiate overdose. You just cannot imagine how hard it was for her to adjust; her first few years at the Home were extremely difficult. Fast forward twelve years. Recently Esther was accepted into medical school and will soon begin her studies in Italy. What an amazing and wonderful turnaround and achievement. Working together we can change the world one orphaned girl at a time.

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Summer Camp Experience

Our precious children
19 February 2018

There is naturally heightened sensitivity to the senseless killings of students. I am reminded of a horrific incident which occurred in May 1974 in Israel. One hundred and fifteen Israeli’s were held hostage in the Netiv Meir Elementary School in Maalot. During the two-day standoff twenty-five people were killed and sixty-eight more were injured- twenty-two …

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15 February 2018

Another school shooting! Young innocent students dead and injured; more trauma and more pain. The mental state of shooters is so very disturbing. While there may be no single reason for these extreme acts of violence much more attention must be paid to addressing the issues of mental illness. In Israel at Lev Lalev we …

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To Save One Life is to Save An entire Generation
8 February 2018

We just received this email from one of the staff members in Netanya. “Last week a ten-year-old girl from Haifa arrived at the Home. She was malnourished, dirty, and very sad. The Ministry of Social Welfare had begged us to take her in. She can no longer live at home and is suicidal………” The email …

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