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Since 1961, the Lev LaLev Israel Orphanage has provided orphaned and disadvantaged girls with a safe, warm, and loving Home. We provide these girls with all of their essential needs for the Holidays and throughout the year.

The Lev Lalev Israel Charity Fund does much more than just give our girls food and shelter. We also help them through individualized therapy, mentoring, and tutoring. We are there for all of their life cycle events: their Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings.

Tikvah means hope. By giving Tzedekah-Jewish Charity, we give hope to an entire generation of orphaned and disadvantaged children in Israel. You can make the critical difference in their lives and help each of our girls reach her highest potential.

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“After sponsoring 3 children in Asia, it has been such a great privilege to support Hannah at Lev LaLev. Hannah and her sister needed much rehabilitation therapy after arriving at Lev LaLev. When we see Hannah’s pictures and the way she is thriving now, indeed our hearts are filled with thanksgiving and gratitude. Chavi Weiss has been wonderful in being the bridge and keeping us updated on Hannah’s progress. We wish we can meet Hannah and Chavi and the great team at Lev LaLev someday. Until then, we’re proud to stand with Israel”

Bertie E., Canada

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Summer Camp Experience

25 July 2017

We at Lev Lalev join with good people the world over in mourning the senseless hate-filled murder of Yossi Salomon (70), his daughter Chaya (46), and son Elad (36). They were murdered in their home in Israel Friday night while celebrating Shabbat dinner and the birth of a new grandson. We pray that Elad’s widow …

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Mazel Tov Avigail!
19 July 2017

Our hearts cry out for Avigail as she prepares for her upcoming wedding. She has no parents to walk her down to the chupah. Avigail, now 22, came to Lev Lalev Orphanage when she was 10 years old after both of her parents died in a terrible car accident. Young and fragile, Avigail had to …

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