The gift of light.

While Valentine’s Day is not ostensibly a Jewish holiday, its message is universal. At Lev Lalev we give our girls unconditional love as we build back the self-esteem that they have lost. In therapy they are taught to care, love, and feel positive about themselves despite whatever trauma they may have experienced in the past.

We also give our girls special gifts- on Purim, Pesach, Chanukah, and their birthdays. This too gives them a great feeling of self-worth and helps provide light to them after their personal darkness. We also give our girls a flower before the Holidays and on Fridays before Shabbat. The girls then bring their flower to the Shabbat table- and one flower becomes a bouquet per table. In this sense the power of one becomes the power of many.

Thank you for giving them the gift of life- the gift of light.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?