Mazel Tov to Lev Lalev’s Four New Brides-to- be!


Tziporah, who was then seven years old, came to the Home after a rocket from Gaza blew off the roof of her house in Sderot. After the tragic incident her parents couldn’t cope and they spiraled downward, and soon thereafter they divorced.

Tziporah was so scared and tentative in her first few months at the Home. She was in therapy for a long time, and slowly she recovered. She completed high school with honors and is now enrolled in a social work program.

She has saved up some money for her wedding day but since she is still in school, she needs help and support to pay for her apartment until she graduates.

Amount needed for wedding expenses:

Shlomit and her sister Yehudit came to the Home in 2004. Their mother was unable to take care of her children and shockingly abandoned them and subsequently passed away. Their father, too, totally gave up, and sent the girls to the Home. Then he left Israel and has never returned to see them.

How utterly heartbreaking.

Miraculously each girl has done well at the Home. Shlomit is now a legal secretary for a well-known lawyer in Petach Tikvah, and Yehudit is a dorm counselor and role model for the younger girls at Lev Lalev.

 Amount needed for wedding expenses:


Shevy who is almost nineteen years old is studying special education. She is engaged to a fine young man who is studying to be a Dayin, a religious judge. Shevy’s mother was placed at a psychiatric facility in Jerusalem. Her father remarried and chose to have nothing to do with his children.

Amount needed for wedding expenses:

You can help give these Kallahs strength, dignity, and joy.

$6,000 will sponsor a festive wedding reception
$1,000 will give each of the Kallahs the funds to purchase a wedding dress and trousseau
$500 will give each of the Kallahs the money to buy appliances for their new apartments
$180 will help with their wedding expenses
$100 will give a Kallah a professional makeover for her wedding day

Every donation will help to impact their new lives in a positive and happy way.