A GPS for Life (Good, Positive, Suggestions) for 5778

Categories: Jewish Moment

 Cultivate friendships by giving spiritually, materially, and lovingly to others
 Focus on helping others as an antidote to our own negative feelings
 We inspire others to do good by the good that WE do
 The best way to influence others is by setting a good example ourselves
 When we give Tzedakah (Charity), we are not losing money –but uplifting the money to even greater heights of kindness
 Prayer gives us strength and reminds us that we are not alone
To succeed we must have self-respect so that others will respect us
 Let’s recognize that each obstacle and challenge is temporary and it serves as a growth experience
 The most powerful two words in the English language are THANK YOU. We thank you for all you do for our girls at Lev Lalev