A GPS for Life (Good, Positive, Suggestions) for 5778

 Cultivate friendships by giving spiritually, materially, and lovingly to others
 Focus on helping others as an antidote to our own negative feelings
 We inspire others to do good by the good that WE do
 The best way to influence others is by setting a good example ourselves
 When we give Tzedakah (Charity), we are not losing money –but uplifting the money to even greater heights of kindness
 Prayer gives us strength and reminds us that we are not alone
To succeed we must have self-respect so that others will respect us
 Let’s recognize that each obstacle and challenge is temporary and it serves as a growth experience
 The most powerful two words in the English language are THANK YOU. We thank you for all you do for our girls at Lev Lalev

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?