According to Their Own Way

This week we are privileged to read Parshas Vayeira. There is a striking question asked by Rabbi Berkovits. It says in the Parsha that Hashem was with Yishmael in his youth and then surprisingly and unfortunately the Torah tells us he grew up in the desert and became a shooter and an archer.

Rabbi Berkovitz asks How is it that a child raised by Hashem himself followed this path? He answers that from here we learn the remarkable lesson that every child must be educated according to his own way. From here I am suggesting that “According to his own way” meant that Yishmael needed an alternative educational approach, one radicly different than the one that Avraham gave to Yitzchok.

At Lev Lalev we believe that each girl is a unique precious gem waiting to shine. We know that “One size education and one size therapy doesn’t fit all”. In fact, our largest expense outside of food is counseling. In this way we can give each girl what she needs to succeed. Thank you for giving to Israel- Israel Charity is a very special virtue and we are pleased that so many of you have partnered with us in this mitzvah.
Shabbat Shalom-Good Shabbos.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?