Be Strong and Strengthened

The orphaned and disadvantaged girls at Lev Lalev in Israel had a profound and wonderful holiday thanks to your charity and support and support they receive from so many of you. Your tzedakah – your charity to Israel – your good deeds, enables our girls to find light and happiness. Last week we concluded the High Holiday season with a prayer that Hashem provide us with a year of bracha- an abundance of blessings. On Simchas Torah we celebrated the completion of the Torah cycle and began reading about the creation in Beraishis, again.  We joyfully declare Chazak Chazak V’nischazek. Be strong- be strong- and we should be strengthened for the future. At Lev Lalev each girl is treated with loving kindness. We give our orphaned girls more than just nutritious food, a warm home, and new Shabbat and weekday clothing. We provide them with classes in dance, gym, music and art. To ensure their success, we give them personalized therapy and tutors. We pray that our girls will be strong and strengthened; that despite their adverse background, they should find inspiration and continue to grow and prosper. With your help we are able to give our girls the tools they need. Thank you for helping strengthen our girls and for making Lev Lalev your personal connection to Israel. In the merit of your tzedakah – charity, may you too have an abundance of blessings in the year ahead.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?