Best Israel Charity

Recently, when I accompanied Thomas T. from Switzerland to the Lev Lalev Israeli Jewish Children’s Home in Netanya, Thomas said that on his trip he visited many important projects that were worthy of help and support. We spoke about macro and micro charity projects and he honed in on wanting to help small boutique organizations. I told Thomas that while he might not be able to change the world with his charitable dollars, he could make a world of difference for one of our precious orphan girls at the home. Thomas moved to Switzerland from the USSR 25 years ago. I introduced him to Tetlana whose grandparents immigrated to Israel from Azerbajan. Unfortunately, Tetlana’s mom and dad both passed away at an early age  and she came to the home as an orphan when she was only nine and a half years old.Thomas met with Tetlana and decided to help her with her studies. She applied to medical school in Israel and in Moscow and is now studying medicine. Thomas gave this orphan girl the second chance she needed and made a world of difference for her. This year, two of the twelve graduates applied to medical school, one of them was accepted and the other has decided to pursue a career as a medical technician.Each of our girls is a precious gem, waiting to glow. All she needs is the love and care that our extended Lev Lalev family can give to her. Then, with the help of trained and highly proficient staff members each girl rises to new levels of accomplishment, and each finds her pathway to success. Thomas did a great thing by helping provide for the educational needs of one poor orphan girl. The beauty of our Israel charity is that we are able to help young Israeli orphan girls, one young, vulnerable child at a time.Israel charity helps to strengthen Israel and its citizens.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?