Bridal Fund at Lev Lalev

Mazel Tov! An Israeli orphaned bride is engaged and needs help and support. By donating to the Lev Lalev Bridal Fund you will be doing a great mitzvah and will be helping poor orphaned girls at a crucial time in their lives.
Without families to help them, our Lev Lalev brides need help to pay for wedding expenses and to furnish their modest startup apartments.

Since 1961 when a Holocaust survivor left his five children at the door step of the Grand Rabbi of Klausenberg with a note saying that he couldn’t take care of his children any longer, Lev Lalev has been helping orphaned and disadvantaged girls with all of their needs.

Helping a poor orphaned bride- by donating now will provide each needy bride with hope and joy. What better way is there to provide your Israel and Jewish charity to a young bride who will benefit from your charity and support.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?