Can we count on you?

Pesach 5778 begins on Friday night, March 30th.

We want to wish all of you a wonderful Pesach. Over the weekend we received the following email from our Program Director at Lev LaLev letting us know just how important our Pesach clothing campaign is for our girls.

“With Pesach approaching, the one hundred girls at Lev Lalev are very much looking forward to the Chag. We need to make sure that each of our girls, ages seven to eighteen feel special. In preparation for Pesach they study the Haggadah and tidy up their rooms. What is most on their minds is the new holiday wardrobe they hope to receive.
Can you imagine? Some of the girls have never seen price tags on clothing before because, even for the holidays they were given hand-me- down clothes! Now, with the help of our dear Lev LaLev donors, they will go with a counselor to the dress store and learn the value, style, and care of new clothes. The joy on their faces is indescribable and a great experience for the girls”.
What a wonderful time to give Israel charity and by making a donation to our special appeal for holiday clothing for our girls. Your Jewish charity enables them to feel special.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?