Come Visit Us in Netanya

Categories: Jewish Moment

Gary Drake who lives in Italy and is a monthly recurring donor to our organization recently visited us in Netanya. He wrote the following about his experience.

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for giving me the tour of LevLalev home on the beautiful Netanya coastline. It was fascinating to see all the features and special activity rooms of the complex as well as having a leisurely dialogue about how the home actually runs. I thank everyone there for their generosity of time of energy. Most of all it was wonderful to see the girls. Obviously, they are living challenging lives but they were so welcoming of me, one offering me flowers, another talking to me about Italy. Not only did they justify my monthly donation, I think in my heart, after meeting them, I may get more out of the donating than they do receiving. Say hello to them all for me”!

Dr. Barry W, from San Francisco who has been supporting Lev Lalev since 2010, and his daughter Vanessa ¬†also visited the Home last week. Their note back to me in the States was short but sweet. “We were very impressed”.

We encourage you to let us know when you are in Israel so that we can arrange a visit for you at the Home.