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mental health 1orphan girl crying

May is Mental Health Month, a time for all of us to focus on this devastating and often untreated illness. Suicides, addictions, and psychosis are on the raise at an alarming rate. Left untreated this illness can fester for years and affect a person for a lifetime.These  pictures say it all.Mental Health must be addressed head on. At Israel’s Lev Lalev Orphanage , we strive to give our girls the mental and spiritual tools they need to succeed through counseling, group sessions, and animal therapy. From their arrival as young frightened girls till they leave the Home upon graduation from high school we are sensitive to the girls needs and continually treat their mental health issues with sensitivity, care, and professionalism. After food, mental health is our largest budgeted item because there is no substitute for treating a girl with mental illness. Our partnership with donors from around the world makes it possible for us to give each girl the tools she needs to succeed.

Your help makes a critical difference in the lives of our orphan girls!