Donate to Jewish Children in Need

Since 1961, the Lev Lalev Israel Orphanage has provided Jewish Children in need, and especially Orphaned Girls in Israel with a safe, warm, and loving Home. We also provide these girls with all of their essential needs for the Holidays and throughout the year. Donate to Jewish children in need and as a result make a difference in the lives of over 100 girls in Israel.

The Lev Lalev Jewish Girls Orphanage does much more than just give food and shelter. First of all, we also help them through individualized therapy, mentoring, and tutoring. In addition, we are there for all of their life cycle events: their Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings.

Tikvah means hope. Similarly, by donating to the Lev Lalev Jewish Orphanage, you are giving these orphaned girls hope help and a warm home. Your Kindness will impact their lives forever.

Donate to Jewish children in need and give them a brighter future!

Todah- thank you.


Let me share with you a story about one of our girls. Sara and her mother went shopping in the marketplace in Sderot, Israel. A homemade rocket fired from Gaza exploded and  caused Sara’s mother to die instantly right in front of her eyes!

Miraculously Sara was lightly wounded. As a result of loosing his wife, her father fell into a deep depression, and had to be institutionalized. At the age of 9 Sara had no home, no family, and no place to live…Finally, we learned of her wretched situation and immediately brought her to the home which is today her HOME.

For over 50 years we have been there for Israel’s orphaned girls. Please help Sara and donate to Jewish children in need.

In conclusion, your help and support will make a tremendous difference in Sara’s life, and also the lives of over 100 orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel. Above all, join the Lev LaLev Family today donate to Jewish children in need in Israel!


When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?