Donor Impact

Our Rabbis tell us that charitable giving does more for the donor then it does for the recipient. We can attest to this through the messages we get from emails and letters. Here is a small sample from this past month.

All the things that you do are amazing. This year I’d like to donate to support an orphaned bride who has no mother or father to help her with her wedding. Elizabeth C.  Manhattan, NY

Thank you for updating me on the progress of the three girls who I am helping to sponsor. So happy to hear that they are doing well. Alice C., Deal, New Jersey

My family and I are blessed to help the Israeli orphaned girls at Lev Lalev. We have so much pleasure from giving. Thanks for the great work you do.  Marion  H., Olympia, Washington

I am so touched by the work that you do. As it is our daughters Bat Mitzvah this year we have decided to research ways to help Lev Lalev, and will introduce your organization to our many guests and friends. Richard B, Toronto, CA.

We hope to visit Israel next year, and would like to visit the Home and meet the girls. During a recent dinner party at our Home we shared your video and even without asking a number of people made out checks to Lev Lalev, which we will match. I hope that this money will do something very special for the girls. Happy Holidays. Brian F Sydney, Australia

I was very depressed lying in a hospital bed with a kidney stone. I was surfing through the net when I came upon your website. “Imagine I said to myself, these girls have been through so much pain, but now they are healing. I have no reason to complain” (and then he sent a large donation to help the girls).

Please accept this donation in honor of my grandfather. I am a lone soldier in Israel from Northern California who visited the Home on my chofesh (vacation). I was very impressed and wanted to give tzedakah both to help the girls and as protection for me and my unit.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?