From Napa Valley to Netanya

Barry W. and his daughter Vanessa from Northern California visited Israel a few weeks ago, to scout out a suitable gap year program for Vanessa after she graduates high school. They were very impressed with the Orphanage. Vanessa wrote “Coming to Lev LaLev was a lovely experience.

The minute I walked through the doors I could already sense the love and community amongst the girls. From the hair styling room to the music room, I could tell that Lev LaLev truly cares about them. They really emphasize the importance for the girls to express their individual talents and interests, which was evident in the various activity rooms. Lev Lalev also showed extra care in the dorm rooms, where each girl had their own bed, lined with teddy bears and dolls, drawings, pictures, and awards. I liked that the age groups had their own level, with a kitchen, dining room, and central space to socialize. The area was open, spacious, and well taken care of. We were there early Friday, and already all the tables were set for Shabbat with decorations, colorful place settings, and more. The lively spirit of Purim was in the air, and the little details Lev Lalev made to create a fun month of Adar was so nice to see. On the way, I stopped to talk with some of the older girls who were back from school. They were very kind and asked me where I was from and how old I was. Their smiles were content and full of life, and I have no doubt that Lev Lalev greatly contributed to this. Overall, I was so glad to see what an amazing place Lev Lalev is. The time and care given to each girl was present and I can only imagine the tremendous positive impact that Lev LaLev had on them.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?