From Our Mailbox

Israel Charity is much more than just giving. Our wonderful and special donors from throughout the world send us thoughts, prayers, and encouragement to keep up the work we do.
Here are some examples we received this week:
S.D. from Oklahoma a monthly donor to Lev Lalev wrote “I totally support all of the Jewish people and the land of Israel especially your girls”!

R.L from Georgia just returned from her trip to Israel. She wrote “Thank you for the new pictures, I received them yesterday. I returned home last Tuesday and I am already missing Israel. I have never visited another country before and felt like I was home. I am anxious to go back to Israel. Our hope is we can bring some of our older children with us as well. From your emails and also what I witnessed in the country, Israel understands child care, trauma, and abused and/or orphaned children. When I compare my children’s orphanages to Israel’s, Israel comes out way ahead in every area. It is amazing to see Biblical principles and laws applied to childcare and how positive results come out”.

Rabbi and Mrs. G from Toronto sent a package of cards and letters to girls their own age at Lev Lalev in Israel, along with generous donation. The yeshiva girls in Toronto chose to connect to Lev Lalev- to strengthen their connection to Israel.
From the United Kingdom:

One donor wrote that his friends plan to raise money for Lev Lalev through skydiving sponsorships. Another contributor congratulated us for the new website we’ve established to give our donors updates on what’s happening at the Home.
So many people who recently donated to our Kallah campaign sent brachos and words of encouragement to Yehudit and Shlomit on their upcoming weddings.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?