Funds needed to inspire and uplift them this Pesach

Will our orphaned girls have new holiday clothing for Passover?

The girls at the Lev Lalev Orphanage in Israel anxiously await your response!

Pesach can be a great challenge as the girls have no family, except their Lev Lalev family. We must make sure that the girls have an uplifting, inspiring, and meaningful Holiday. Please help give them the joy of Pesach and the warm feeling that we love and care for them. Holiday clothes are important both because the girls need to feel loved and cared for, and because, quite honestly they have grown and need clothing for the spring and summer. The Passover appeal is the largest designated campaign we do annually. With your help we can reach our goal of raising $53,000 for this project, and giving the girls all that they need for Pesach.  A successful campaign will not only ensure that they have clothing but during Chol Hamoid they will have a wonderful and well deserved fun-filled trip to a nearby safari. We thank you so much for all you do for our girls today and throughout the year.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Pesach, and a Happy Holiday to all of our friends throughout the world.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?