Pushka (Charity Box)

Request a free Charity Box to help the orphaned girls at Lev Lalev Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel

Save your Change and help “change” the lives of orphaned girls in Israel, FOREVER.

Pushka BoxOnce you’ve received it- just drop in your coins, bring it to your favorite store- or ask your children to go door to door in your neighborhood.

When it is full (or nearly full) – send it back to our office. (Or send us the coins- and retain the box to start again.

“Pennies saved… is a girl changed.”

The power of the Tzedekah box is deeply known throughout our history. Whether it is a few coins before we pray- or before the woman of the house lights Friday night candles, it is a long standing Jewish custom that small coins donated for a worthwhile charitable purpose can make a great spiritual difference in our lives (and in our case- the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel.)

Todah Rabbah- thank you!

P.S.- Paper currency is also welcomed. The more we receive the more we can do for the girls!

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?