Happy Days are Here Again

On Sunday, we celebrate Lag B’omer-  the Hebrew date is the 18th of Iyar.

A central theme of Lag B’omer is that a plague and war that ravished students of the famous Rabbi Akiva, ended on this day.  Therefore, we celebrate the end of a difficult time. In Israel and throughout the world we resume listening to music and weddings take place once again. It is the custom to celebrate with bonfires, and some communities have Lag B’omer parades.

There is a link between Lag B’omer and the work we do at Lev Lalev. In a metaphoric way, the pain of our girls concludes; “the music resumes”, the warmth of the controlled fire lights up the night, and our girls prepare for a lifetime of happiness and joy.

We can achieve all of this because of the special partnership we have with our our Lev Lalev family throughout the world. We are blessed that we have donors from over fifty different countries and every state here in the United States.

The tzedakah you give, your prayers, and the interest you take in our programs, enables our girls to grow and prosper. Thank you and May Hashem give you an abundance of brachos (blessings)

Happy Mother’s Day, too.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?