Helping those in need- A Lesson

Today is my fathers Yortzeit. He passed away sixteen years ago on the Hebrew date of Yud Daled Shvat in Jerusalem. To commemorate his passing, I often visit Israel on this date.
This year however I am honoring his memory by staying at home here in New York. My family needs me here. What my father taught me was that I should always be attuned to the needs of others and act accordingly, and so this year I decided not to make the trip.
My father was a warm, sensitive, selfless person who inspired me and my siblings and countless others who were fortunate enough to know him. Perhaps he can best be understood to a powerful statement in Pirkei Avos- Ethics of our Fathers which says “The person who honors others, they themselves will be honored”.
My trip to visit the Orphanage has been postponed and hopefully I can make the trip shortly after Pesach. I want to do so for several reasons. Each year I have a chance to see the progress of the girls and share their successes with you. Also, this year Janet Riddens from New Mexico and her friends have knitted hats which I would like to personally deliver to each girl. Finally, we are the process of some new construction projects which will enhance the lives of our girls. I look forward to reporting on these upgrades.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?