Home Happenings

Thursday June 9th Yerushalayim and Kotel Visit
Sunday June 12th Shavout celebration
Thursday June 23– Eleven girls will graduate from high school; special graduation party for the girls on Tuesday June 28th.

July 6th,7th Rosh Chodesh Tamuz: special event TBA
Sunday July 10th Summer camp begins; several trips planned throughout the month
July 24th Yud Zayin Tamuz observed; special educational program

August 14th Tisha Bav event; to remember the destruction of the Holy Temple. Program will focus on how to create stronger bonds between people as the Holy Temple was destroyed because of pointless hatred.

Thursday August 18th Tu Bav celebration; girls will visit a water park and then spend a special Shabbat at a kibutz guest house. They will also visit Ashdod and Ashkalan in the South on Sunday and Monday August 21 and 22.
Sunday August 28th Girls prepare to return to school and their studies.


When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?