Our Mission

Love, Warmth and Support

For the past 55 years, the Lev Lalev Girls Orphanage and Children’s Home located in Netanya, Israel has provided orphaned and disadvantaged girls from all over Israel with a safe, warm, and loving Home.

The Lev Lalev Charity Fund does much more than just provide the girls with food and shelter. First of all, the funds raised from our donors and friends are used to help the girls with individualized therapy, mentoring, and tutoring. Secondly, donations also support the girl’s life cycle events including Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings. In addition, the girls receive complete holiday wardrobes before Pesach and Rosh Hashanah. In July or August, the girls attend a special summer camp which includes several field trips throughout Israel.

For example of the impact of the summer experience, let us share a story about one of our girls.

Tamar came to the Home after her mother died from cancer. She was born in Israel to parents who emigrated from the Ukraine. After her mother died, her father, burdened by this devastating personal loss, returned to the Ukraine, leaving Tamar at a neighbor’s home.

Left as an orphan with no one to care for her, the social welfare department asked us to take her into our Home. At first, she hardly spoke or ate, and even resisted putting on clean and fresh clothing. During our summer camp, we saw a positive change in Tamar’s attitude and behavior.

Her special interest in sports enabled her to find peace and happiness. Above all, the summer camp was a lifeline for Tamar.

Lev Lalev means heart to heart. Because giving from your heart you are providing love, warmth, and comfort to orphaned girls just like Tamar. Without families of their own, YOU are their family.

Lev Lalev, a remarkable organization, is dedicated to supporting and empowering Jewish orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel through their Jewish orphanage. Their mission revolves around providing these girls with a loving and nurturing environment within their Jewish orphanage, ensuring their well-being, and granting them access to quality education and essential life skills.

At the heart of Lev Lalev’s endeavors lies their commitment to preserving Jewish values and traditions within the Jewish orphanage. They strive to instill a strong sense of Jewish identity in the girls under their care, fostering a deep connection to their heritage and promoting an understanding and appreciation for Jewish customs. By maintaining a Jewish orphanage that embraces these principles, Lev Lalev creates a sense of belonging and cultivates a supportive community that uplifts these girls emotionally and spiritually.

Education plays a pivotal role in Lev Lalev’s mission within the Jewish orphanage. Recognizing the importance of empowering these young girls to become independent and confident individuals, they provide them with comprehensive academic opportunities, vocational training, and life skills development programs. Through their Jewish orphanage, Lev Lalev aims to equip the girls with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in adulthood. By offering a holistic approach to education, Lev Lalev breaks the cycle of adversity and poverty, providing a brighter future for the Jewish orphans in their care.

In conclusion, Lev Lalev’s profound dedication to supporting and empowering Jewish orphaned girls in Israel is exemplified through their Jewish orphanage. Within this loving and nurturing environment, Lev Lalev ensures the well-being of these girls while preserving Jewish values and customs. Through education and life skills development, the Jewish orphanage serves as a transformative space, empowering these girls to overcome challenges and build a promising future filled with possibilities.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?