Israel Charity, Did it start with Avraham?

Shabbat Shalom.
In the Torah portion this week we are introduced to Avraham as a man of divine faith. G-d tells Avraham to leave his native land (Mesopotamia) and his fathers house and that Hashem himself would show him the way to a new land. In popular vernacular we might say Avraham was asked to leave his comfort zone in order to accomplish great things. Next we see that he travels to Eretz Canan but a famine there “Sent him packing” to Egypt, and then he later returned back toEretz Canan. Isn’t these our challenges too? Sometimes we need the faith in ourselves to pick up, change course, and accomplish things we never dreamed were possible. The following is both a personal perspective and an organizational one too.

I recall vividly sleeping on the Tel Aviv beach 45 years ago and thinking why did I leave my cushy college dormitory for a sleepless night in the sand. Responding to my question I thought I did this because I want to grow and expand my horizons. The very next day (October 11,1972) I had a near death experience at Ein Gedi. Without going through the details now “The rest is history”. Hashem showed me the way.

Institutionally through Israel Charity and our deep partnership with donors who care deeply about our Israel orphaned girls, provide our girls with the tools to move ahead- to leave their homes- when they are mandated by the Israeli Department of Social Service. They are given a better and  more suitable environment in which to grow. This past month four young orphaned girls from Lev Lalev became engaged. Each of them can attest to the reality that here at the Home they found their faith and regained the self-esteem they needed to move ahead toward their precious sacred moment

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?