Israel, Jewish Charity

Israel charity – Jewish charity – universal charitable support – are the key ingredients in ensuring that the orphaned and disadvantaged girls at Lev Lalev have the tools they need to succeed. Israel charity: Over four hundred Israelis contribute to our special Israel charities campaign. From Eilat in the South, to Maalot in the North, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we have friends and funders who help make sure that the needs of our unfortunate orphaned and disadvantaged girls are met. Jewish charity: from the morning minyan tzedakah box in Melbourne, Australia, to the Arizal Charitable Fund in Montreal, Canada, and from Jewish Federations in New York, San Diego, New Orleans, and elsewhere, funds are provided to give the girls the second chance they so desperately need. Universal charitable support: Donors from England, and other European nations, from Sri Lanka and even Saudi Arabia, stand together with Israel through their universal charitable support for our girls at the Lev Lalev Orphan Home in Netanya. Even visitors from as far as the Philippines, have met with the staff and our girls on visits to Israel. For many of these travelers, Lev Lalev is one of their passions, one of their charitable obligations to help provide for the widows and orphans of Israel. We welcome visitors with great admiration and  deep gratitude. For, without their help and support, and their selflessness, it would be difficult to mend the broken hearts of our young and vulnerable girls. What our friends do matters a great deal. A small crack does not mean that an orphan’s life girl is broken, it means she was tested and did not fall apart. The astounding numbers of people who care and share create and deliver a lasting change in each of our girls. It is often said that charity begins at home. At our home charity begins to give our girls a great boost and much hope for the future.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?