An Israel Moment

Counting Our Blessings

Despite seven wars and countless skirmishes, international sanctions, and day-today terrorist attacks, Israel and the Jewish people live.

Israel is a miracle.

Israel is a homeland of Jews who have ingathered from the four corners of the earth.

Israel offers all Jews-indeed- all people- HOPE.

Israel is a working democracy in a region where brutality, inhumanity, and terror is the norm.

Israel is a light onto the Nations.

Israel is MY inspiration-and an inspiration to all of us.

Many years ago I had the privilege to have breakfast with Eli Wiesel, who recently passed away at the age of eighty-nine. At that time the United Nations was debating whether to equate Zionism with racism. (This of course is absurd). Mr. Wiesel said “There are many who complain that Israel is held to a higher (double) standard. He said-“thankfully-this is so and let’s hope that it remains. Rather than fight this notion, let’s ensure that the world will continue to look up to Israel as a beacon of moral values”.

Israel can celebrate and point to many achievements since its founding in 1948. Successes in agriculture, commerce, high tech, and medicine, have contributed to Israel’s strong Gross National Product (GNP). According to the World Bank Israel ranked twenty third in the world in 2015 just behind France, and ahead of Japan. Recognizing that Israel was a young country that has been to war eight times, these results are astounding- a miracle.

But- Israel- cannot succeed without help. The special and unique relationship Israel has with the United States, Canada, Australia, and a number of European countries helps to ensure Israel’s security and vitality.

Beyond its economic success, Israel remains the country of ingathering for Jews everywhere. She just doesn’t bring immigrants into the country and forget about them. Israel has set up a sophisticated network of services to ensure that each immigrant has a healthy start in their new country.

We at Lev Lalev thank our friends for your help, and for making Lev Lalev your personal connection to Israel.


When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?