Lev Lalev Girls Orphanage in Israel

Israel orphan girls are creating summer memories through the support, charitable giving, and tzedakah of wonderful Lev Lalev supporters throughout the world.Particularly, this summer an anonymous donor sent a large check earlier this month and asked if it could be used to send our Lev Lalev girls to summer camp for a week. Each of our girls was matched with a program that best fitted her needs, and next week one hundred and two girls will be having fun and meeting new girls their own age at eight or nine locations throughout Israel. Most of our girls have never “overnighted” at camp before, and they are very excited about this wonderful and wonderous opportunity.

When told about this on Sunday, Rivki, who is 11 years old, cried out, “wow, this is like some of the girls that I grew up with in Holon. I can’t wait!” We thank our generous donor for helping to make this summer so very special for our girls. What comes from your heart, enters the hearts and minds of the Lev Lalev orphaned and disadvantaged girls. Because of your caring and concern, Rivki and each of our girls will carry this memory back to Netanya and forever more.

Many of us remember our camp experiences, a time when we learned new things which we were able to apply to life situations. Our girls will gain a tremendous amount from their experiences this summer. Over the first 5 weeks, the girls had many hours of life skill training in swimming, dancing, music, art, and of course team building. They also went on some very special trips throughout the country – one week it was a full day at a water park, south of Tel Aviv; another week they traveled all the way north to visit Rosh Hanikrah; of course, they also visited Jerusalem and prayed at the Western Wall.

Now, the girls will also make and meet new friends – girls their own age. Again, we want to thank this wonderful donor for her generosity and thank all of our Lev Lalev July donors for helping to sponsor our summer experience program. How lucky we are that our Lev Lalev extended family cares and shares with our girls. Without you, we would not be able to provide the girls with these very special opportunities. On behalf of Rivki, and all of her “bunkmates,” toda raba – thank you so very much.


When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?