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It says in the Torah that we should help to support orphans and widows as they have a special place in the eyes of G-d.There are many worthwhile projects and programs that are deserve support. Charity, or tzedakah in Hebrew, can be used for a wide variety of purposes throughout Israel. But – orphans are a special priority – because these children have no mother or father to support them, to put them to bed at night, or to sing them songs of joy and happiness.Israel charity is so very special as the Torah states that those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed, and those that curse Israel and the Jewish people will be cursed. How special it is to choose us, the Lev Lalev Jewish Children’s Orphanage Home in Israel, to give your charitable dollars to help support these girls. Terrified and abused, they come to the home with deep emotional needs. We create a rehabilitation program through the work of our profession team of mental health professionals and a caring staff. The progress of each orphan girl is scrutinized monthly and special mental health

intervention programs are created through tailor made programs to help each girl succeed.By donating to our girls you are delivering the lasting change. Ruchie, who is now in her late 30s, came to the home almost three decades ago. Recently, she sent us a beautiful letter which included a picture of her four children. She was so happy to let us know how well she is doing, and her kids too, are living a stable and productive life. YES, Hashem watches over widows and orphans and with you as a partner, we can do tremendous work in lifting our girls in new levels of achievement and accomplishment. So many of our girls have succeeded and we appreciate, and need, all the help we receive from our extended Lev Lalev family. Tzedakah, is much more than giving to those in need. It is a concept that the Torah says means righteousness. In other words, it is the right thing to do.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?