October 18 Newsletter


The Returns on Your Investment

Your investment has paid off and now rewards are being reaped. Five of our high school graduates are in the process of furthering their professional education. Not only, have you invested in their schooling, but you have ensured their future. One of our students is working towards her nursing degree so she can be a nurse at the nearby Laniado Hospital, while two others are studying biology as they embark on a career of research and medicine. The last two are majoring in education. They chose special education so they can reciprocate and give to others. They are well aware how much the fine art of giving has impacted their lives.

Not such a long while ago, each of these remarkable women were referred to us by  the Israel Social Welfare Department. They blossomed after receiving unceasing support, care and understanding from our staff, and each of them graduated high school with honors. Their career paths will make the world a better place. Thank you for an investment that keeps on giving back.

A Summer of Growth and Travel
When school resumed last month, on September 1st, one hundred girls were
ready for the challenge. Fortunately, the summer provided them with respite and
chance to recharge as they toured throughout Israel. They were provided with a unique opportunity for travel and growth simultaneously.  Each week, the girls traveled to a different destination including Mitzpe Rimon, Rosh Hanikrah and the Crocodile Pond in the North.

During these excursions, they focused on improving their life skills
including communication, perspective taking, focus and self-control and cooperation. Their culminating trip was a two-day visit to Jerusalem where they prayed at the Kotel after touring the old city and participated in the Kotel Tunnel Tours. While they wished the summer be indefinite, they received a crash course in Jewish History and replenished their emotional reservoirs while spending time together and supporting each other.

Homeless Yet Hopeful
chani2.jpg“She is tormented, depressed and distressed. She has had so much sorrow that we are not sure how much help we can give her.” Those were notes our social worker wrote about Chani a ten-year-old, homeless child just three months ago.Our personnel don’t ever give up—on any child. They are courageous and determined as they have a vision for each girl, and their tireless commitment reaches children who have built impenetrable walls around themselves. Today, just three months later, she has exhibited moments of joy, happiness, and warmth.On September 1st, Chani entered school two grades below her age level. Yet her new principal has tremendous faith in the support system we have built for Chani and believes she will be up to par before Pesach.Chani’s story is not an isolated account—children that arrive to our home are often broken. Very often, their progress is miraculous. Chani came to us without a home; she came emotionally depleted with no chances of building a future. With unconditional love and support she is blossoming, as one of the administrators commented: “When she arrived her eyes were dark and lifeless. Now there is a spark and a special hopeful gleam in them.”

Celebrating Creativity and Family During Holidays
Holidays are meant to be spent with friends and family. It is a time when loneliness and pain can be exacerbated. But our girls felt a sense of joy and belonging. Soon after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the girls were given a variety of materials so they could express their creativity and individualism as they prepared magnificent Succah décor.During Sukkot, they joined a festive neighborhood Chol Hamoed carnival. In addition, one night, they danced and sang to live music until well after midnight. On Shabbat Chol Hamoed, a distinguished Rabbi and his wife stayed at the Home and provided hours of inspiration throughout the day. On Simchat Torah, the final day of the holiday period, each girl was invited to spend time with families who have girls their own age. Their joy was palpable as the girls felt accepted and loved they made new friends and spent time in the company of these warm and caring families.

Visiting the Home
The Marcial Dumlao group from Colorado Springs, Colorado graced us with a visit. It was a meaningful visit and Marcial, a longtime supporter of Lev Lalev, was visibly inspired as he met with both the staff and the girls. In the upcoming month, other friends of Lev Lalev will be visiting the Home including “MJR” whose foundation has generously been financing our work for close to a decade.

An Inbox Overflowing With Affectionshutterstock_793947655.jpg

Many of our donors who so generously contributed in September during our holiday appeal, included prayers and good wishes that we forward to the staff and our girls. Those messages of thanks were meaningful and cherished. However, it is each of you that deserve our gratitude for the unwavering support you bestow upon girls.

David H. from Florida included a beautiful note with his gift. He wrote, “Your girls
are very special to me – when I was a young boy I lost my parents and grew up in a children’s home. It wasn’t easy but thank G-d I have overcome my difficult childhood. My prayer is that your girls find happiness and success. Please use
my donation to give the girls new clothing for the holidays.”

“KS” from Texas, a frequent donor, thanked us for the work we do for Israel and the Jewish People. He wrote, “Your kindness impacts the girls forever, and I am so privileged to have joined you in your holy work.”

Debby Y. phoned to say that since she has donated to Lev Lalev, her life has taken on
great meaning. She said, “Giving to the girls at the home has done so much for me and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to help.”

In Anticipation
In a few weeks the older girls will be hosted in Jerusalem for a special Shabbaton. On Saturday night, before they return back to Netanya, they will visit the Kotel – the Western Wall and recite Tehillim (psalms). If you would like them to pray for you, please visit www.levlalev.com/WesternWall

We are Eternally Grateful
Thanks to all of you, our September campaign effort was a wonderful success. More than 1,000 people contributed to Lev Lalev. In addition to the financial support, those donations mean over 1,000 resounding approvals—over 1,000 people who believe in our girls and their chances at success. We count our blessings (1,000 times over) and wanted to let you know, that thanks to your generous and timely response we are able to meet all the girls’ needs in a timely and professional manner.It is thanks to people like you that we have reinstated our Homework Helpers program, reinvigorated our Mental Health projects, and have taken five new girls into the home since the beginning of June.We would like to give a special shout out, to our over 300 steady monthly donors (the largest number we have ever had) for ensuring that we have a dependable cash flow to meet the obligations of the home. As you provide our girls with
constant blessing, we would like to return those blessings, with wishes for
good health, happiness, personal and world peace, and the financial ability to
continue to support our efforts in coming year!

=>Lev LaLev has recently launched a program for Bat Mitzvah aged girls to
raise money through their own personal webpage. We have girls from all
over the United States who are already using this platform for their
mitzvah projects to help the girls at the Orphanage. To donate to a
specific campaign, or to start your own, please visit www.levlalev.com/batmitzvah or email chavi@levlalev.com. We look forward to being in touch with you!

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When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?