Our precious children

There is naturally heightened sensitivity to the senseless killings of students. I am reminded of a horrific incident which occurred in May 1974 in Israel. One hundred and fifteen Israeli’s were held hostage in the Netiv Meir Elementary School in Maalot. During the two-day standoff twenty-five people were killed and sixty-eight more were injured- twenty-two of them were children.
Security in Israel has never been taken for granted. And since that incident over forty years ago there has not been another school killing. In is Israel it is standard procedure to have security guards in every school and every public facility.
In our Orphanage in Netanya we recognize the awesome responsibility to do everything possible to keep our girls safe.

A Security guard is stationed at the entrance of the building
All doors are locked and a buzzer system is used to let visitors in. Every school trip has an armed soldier on every bus.Our girls do not travel in groups without a chaperone and a plan. Your partnership, Israel charity, and support and prayers makes a difference and helps to bring peace and security to Israel’s needy children.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?