What are our programs?

Since 1962 The Children’s Home has sheltered hundreds of orphans as well as “Living orphans”, children abandoned by parents who are unable to care for them. Some of the children had been physically or sexually abused, removed from their families of origin by Social Services due to court order. Some were physically or emotionally neglected by their parents due to mental illness and/or substance abuse. Our girls most often arrive on a moment’s notice and with only the clothing they are wearing that day. It is common that several girls will arrive the same week and all need to be outfitted immediately with new wardrobes and school supplies so that they may begin to attend their new school placement.

The girls at the Children’s Home come from all over Israel and from a variety of family backgrounds. Every one of them has experienced a traumatic past. Many suffer from serious academic, social and emotional issues.

 Orphanage Programs Preparing for the winter; girls receive blankets and warm clothes for the winter.
 image02 Bat Mitzvot: One special evening… a wonderful and magical time as we celebrate together and serve as the family for those girls who have no family of their own.
 image01 Purim – It’s a fun month, with a masquerade party and a field trip. Our girls need to go from sad to glad; then the healing begins.
 image04 Passover is the time of redemption and freedom. For our girls that means a new and complete wardrobe for Spring/Summer to enjoy and be proud of.
 image03 Mental Health Month: Over 70% of our girls are in special programs and receive individual or group counseling. Some are in Animal Therapy or are out-patients at regional hospitals.
 image06 Bridal Fund: How wonderful it is when one of our girls establishes a home of her own. Most often, our bride and her husband need a financial boost to help them- we are there for them.
 image05 Summer Camp: Each girl attends a 3-week summer camp. If not for this program, not only would the girls not have a fun-filled and meaningful summer vacation, but, without the daily structure of a schedule, they might unfortunately find themselves falling back in their progress in mental and physical health.
 image08 Stipends for Higher Education: Each year 8-10 girls graduate and complete their High School studies. We maintain a connection and set them up for post H.S. studies and job training. This is a critical bridge period, which generally extends for 12-18 months.
 image07 Rosh Hashanah: (and the High Holidays); Spiritual enrichment andre”Jew”vination. We provide Jewish programs, a visit to the Kotel, and spiritual projects which help strengthen each girl in her beliefs and practices.
 image11 Focus of studies: We provide general education support including tutoring, Special Education, and after school projects. Every girl gets a “homework helper”, and about 25% of our girls, those with learning disabilities, receive even more assistance.
 image09 “Thanksgiving” Healthy eating; Healthy living: We provide nutritious meals, exercise programs and equipment, and counseling for those who have Bulimic and Anorexic tendencies.
 image10 It’s Chanukah: A month to support our Arts, Music, and Drama Projects.; which enable our girls to enhance their self-image and self-control.


12 months of needs

Over 100 girls


The promise of tomorrow comes from the children of today!

Thank you for partnering with us to build a brighter future.