As Purim is the time when generosity knows no bounds and happiness becomes a mitzvah, we invite you to share in our festivities.  To open your arms and give the orphans in Israel a reason to smile.

By sponsoring a Mishloach Maanos gift package, you are giving these children more than just sweets and treats. You are showing them that they are thought of, that they matter, and that you care!

Here is the list of packages that you can choose from to participate and partner with us in this initiative: 

$67: Sponsor a gift package and bring joy to one special child.

$134: Double the joy by providing two children with these special gift packages.

$268: Sponsor a Purim Seuda for a group of four.

$670: Extend your generosity to 10 children, significantly amplifying your mitzvah in a profound and impactful way.

In these challenging days, the lives of our girls may be trying, but with your generosity and love, we can overcome difficulties and bring smiles to their faces.