Reflecting on the Recent Rocket Attacks and How our Girls Handled it.

With the recent ceasefire, Israel is thank G-d experiencing a return to normalcy. This gave me time to reflect on what ha

Hundreds of rockets were falling all over the country, forcing people into bomb shelters for safety. For our girls it was no different. As the sirens blared, they dragged their mattresses into our music center so they would be able to sleep near each other. They all huddled together, supporting each other through their fears.

In the morning, they were woken with the news that school was cancelled due to the high number of fired rockets from Gaza. Following the IDF’s instruction, their schools remained closed for the next few days as well.

With all the commotion-the sirens blaring and running to the shelters in fear of being hit, many past traumas that the girls have experienced in their lives have resurfaced. We have wonderful staff and many professionals who were there for the girls more than ever to help them overcome their traumas during this hard time. We also had a Rabbi speak to the girls to provide ‘chizzuk’ (emotional and spiritual support) to help them cope with the challenging time.

Last but not least, the incredible display of support and care our girls received from our generous donors has made all the difference to them. Thank you on behalf of the whole Lev Lalev family!

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?