Self Improvement- A Yom Kippur Thought

A high school boy from the Bronx stabbed two of his classmates and instead of focusing on what the seventeen-year-old did, the media “Justified” the violence as a response to bullying.
Bullying is very bad. Nonetheless, we are all responsible for our own actions. Over the years haven’t we all been bullied by teachers, bosses, clients, family members, and neighbors?
While Hashem will hopefully forgive us for our transgressions, it is up to US to overcome our adversities.
But we cannot use bullying as an excuse for our shortcomings. In fact, we should use these negative experiences to improve our own relationship with other people. We should turn these negatives into kindness, consideration, and caring for others.
Rabbi Halberstam the Grand Rabbi of Sanz Klausenberg and the founder of the Lev Lalev Orphanage, Laniado Hospital, and a home for the elderly in Netanya, Israel was much more then bullied. His wife and eleven children were murdered by the Nazis. After the war, he worked to make the world a better place.
As we approach Yom Kippur lets focus on US- OUR shortcomings- OUR need to overcome obstacles- and OUR giving back to others. Together we can make the world a better place.

Gmar Tov- may you be sealed in the Book of Life 5778.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?