Shirelle’s Wedding

If only you could have joined us at Shirelle’s wedding! It was one of the most touching and emotional ceremonies I have ever witnessed. And, if it wasn’t for generous and giving people like YOU, it could not and would not have been so joyous!

Shirelle was a beautiful bride – her wedding gown was perfect, her hair was carefully done, her makeup was just right – but what was the greatest part of Shirelle’s look? It was her smile.

Your gift, your effort and devotion meant so much to Shirelle. Before sitting in the bridal reception room, before greeting her guests and being part of the moment, Shirelle stopped to thank me and to THANK YOU for everything that was done on her behalf. She was in awe, she said, it was her dream come true. She felt like a princess, so cared for, so special on this momentous day!

Shirelle and her groom’s wedding took place on the Orphanage!

The chuppah, wedding canopy, was erected amongst the lovely flowering bushes and foliage that greets all who enter to the LevLaLev Home. Workmen strung up lights to make the garden festive. All the Home’s employees and Shirelle’s house sisters were part of her wedding celebration. The M.C. and D-Jay chose traditional Jewish wedding songs plus new age inspirational numbers. The music added a jubilant air to the high spirits of the evening.

Although this wedding of one of our girls who came to the Home at a young age, who has literally grown up with us, who flourished in our midst, was such a happy event, still, many of us cried. Tears of joy and gratitude fell from many eyes. Shirelle and her groom are a beautiful match. And, with G-d’s help, we will marry off many more girls who have come to us from painful pasts – but who we will bring into a promising future.

Thank you again –YOU have contributed to the promising future of yet another new young family!

May we share many more happy occasions together!

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?