Shoes for Passover

Each year we raise funds to ensure that the orphans and disadvantaged girls in Israel have new shoes and holiday dresses. What a mitzvah! By giving these girls a new Yom Tov wardrobe we are boosting their self- esteem. When you respond to this campaign your Israel charity gives each of our girls confidence and hope. Israel orphans can be forgotten- but not here at our Lev Lalev Home in Netanya. Our girls look forward to the holiday with glee. They know that they have an extended Lev Lalev family on each continent and in cities throughout the world. Jewish charity makes the difference in their lives and we deeply appreciate the partnership that gives these girls hope and a pathway to success. We appreciate the partnership we have in doing good by helping to lift up the weak and vulnerable. It says in the Haggadah open up your home to all who are hungry. Your love and care is delivering a lasting change to our girls.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?