Standing with Israel

Our girls at Lev Lalev \visited the Kotel – Western Wall in Jerusalem – earlier today. One of them commented just how special it is that so many visitors, Jews and Gentiles alike, come to pray for the safety and security of Eretz Yisroel – Israel. Standing with Israel is so very important to our people. We know how difficult and isolated Israel is in the world of politics and public relations. It is beyond logic that the United Nations condemns Israel over and over again and ignore human rights violations from Syria to Yemen, from Afghanistan to Indonesia. Your support for our Lev Lalev girls, for Israel, and for the Jewish people, helps counterbalance the evil actions and thoughts of many nations. Standing against these nations we pray together that G-d will continue to watch over us, bless us, and bring us peace. When our girls visited the Kotel – the Western Wall in Jerusalem – they not only prayed for themselves and their friends, for Israel and for their extended family – the Lev Lalev family. They know that without your help they would be standing alone – Israel would be standing alone – and the Jewish people would be highly compromised. You are making a difference in the world, giving each of our girls, indeed every Israeli, the feeling of comfort and happiness. May Hashem continue to watch over all of Israel, especially over the orphaned and socially orphaned girls at the Lev Lalev Girls Home in Netanya. With deep gratitude we thank you for connecting to Israel, for standing together with us, and for helping those less fortunate. May G-d hear your prayers and may you too enjoy happiness, success, and good health. Israel’s success is dependent upon the prayers and supplications of those who show concern for Israel.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?