Support Israel Today

Many friends of Lev Lalev ask us what else they can do to support our girls at the Orphanage. Our girl’s security is paramount and there is always a need to remind the world how important Israel is.
We are asking you to respond on this post with three simple words:

At a time when revisionist history and Israel bashing is fashionable, we want to remind political leaders in the United States and elsewhere how important Israel is as a strategic partner to Western democracies and as a light onto all nations.
We will gather all the “WE SUPPORT ISRAEL” emails and forward them to decision makers here in the United States and Canada and in other key places around the world including England, France, and Australia where we have many constituents.

You can help continue to keep Israel strong by voicing your support.

Todah Raba-with much thanks.
Shimon Pepper, Chairman Lev Lalev

PS: As the former National Director of UJA’s Operation Exodus Project I participated in the in-gathering of hundreds of Jews making Aliyah to Israel in the 1980’s and 90’s from distressed countries including the USSR, Ethiopia, and Syria. Today we must continue “In-gathering” in a subtle way by reminding the world that Israel is a country which is based on Tikon Olom- making the world a better place, and on the prophetic expression of Isaiah- Israel as a light onto the nations. Thank you for caring and please share this with others.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?