“Tal Umutor”

Today December 5 is the first day we say “Tal Umutor” a special insert in our prayers asking Hashem to bless the land of Israel with an abundance of produce in the months to come.

The special connection that we have with the land can be summarized as it says in the Prophets “This is a land of milk and honey”.

Not withstanding G-d’s promise, we must toil and work hard to plant, sow, and harvest. Then in ancient times we showed our appreciation to Hashem by bringing the first fruits to the Holy Temple (bikurim).

So, it is in raising our children as well. We pray that they will be healthy; then we raise them to understand the difference between right and wrong and give them the hope and inspiration they need to succeed.
Through our Israel Charity we work with our Lev Lalev orphans and disadvantaged girls to help build their self-esteem. The promise of tomorrow comes from the children of today, and what you do to help them reach their potential has an everlasting effect on their lives.

As we think about Chanukah there is no better time to give them light after they have gone through so much personal darkness.

We thank you for your kindness, concern, and support.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?