We at Lev Lalev join with good people the world over in mourning the senseless hate-filled murder of Yossi Salomon (70), his daughter Chaya (46), and son Elad (36).
They were murdered in their home in Israel Friday night while celebrating Shabbat dinner and the birth of a new grandson.
We pray that Elad’s widow Michal and her children who escaped the murder by hiding upstairs in their home, will have the strength and fortitude to deal with this horrific act of terror. May Hashem watch over them and the entire Salomon family.

While PA President Mahmoud Abbas is “enraged” because Israel has placed metal detectors on the Temple Mount, calling it “humiliating to the Muslims” (it is reported that there are metal detectors at the Mosque in Mecca), Muslims have not condemned the cowardly murder of three innocent Jews.

Golda Meir once said that the Arab- Israeli conflict will end when Arabs love their children more then they hate the Jews. We pray that innocent Israelis will no longer be the target of senseless hatred and that nations will live together in peace and harmony.
To the Salomon Family, our deepest sympathies- “May you be comforted among the Mourners of Zion”. And may you know no more sorrow.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?