The Impact of our donors

“D.C.” of New York City has participated in most of our campaigns over the past several years. At the beginning of 2016, she asked me if she could channel her donations into one special project- helping to marry off one of our brides. She is donating monthly and will support a future Kallah. She said “This is my very special mitzvah- and I hope that I will be able to join the bride at her wedding”.

Mr. and Mrs. “W” recently moved in to their first home in New Jersey. They are planning to hold a parlor meeting and fundraiser to benefit the girls at Lev Lalev. When we met they said “We are blessed with a home, we want to open ours so that we can make sure that Israel’s orphans have a home as well”.

“Yosef” and his family from California visited Lev Lalev while on a pilot trip to Israel. They were so impressed with the girls and staff that they made a $5,000 donation to help upgrade the computers at the Home. Our girls are delighted and are now more enthusiastic than ever to do their school work online!

Barry from Maryland, who has donated many times over the years, recently emailed the following message: “I’ve had some very brutal experience early in my life and later on too. It has been very educating, though. Through my own pain, I learned to feel somebody else’s pain”.

Dr. J.A. from Canada wrote the following message with his first gift. “Perhaps you have noticed that my name is an Arab name. I stand proudly shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish people, Israel and Israelis. May Hashem bless and keep Israel safe.”

Mark from London, England put a message on our Lev Lalev blog. “Unfortunately I was unable to have children myself and therefore it brings me great pleasure to help the Lev Lalev girls. They are my family- my only family.

Ellen from Texas made a significant gift to sponsor a new girl at the Home with the following message “The gift was given to support Rivki. I have a Rivki of my own. I hope this young girl settles in nicely and is able to find warmth and love in her new home with Lev La Lev.”

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?