This Little Girl Reminded Me Why Our Mission is SO Important!

I have to share something special with you.

Although I’ve been working at Lev LaLev for over ten years, it was only this summer that I truly understood what a difference we’re making. This summer, an adorable eleven-year-old from the orphanage spent her vacation in my home.

When I was asked if Mushky could stay with me, I was a bit hesitant. I have a small apartment and two children. But I remembered that where there is room in the heart, there is room in the home. I’m so glad I did—being able to bond with Mushky and care for her like my own daughter was an incredible experience that has touched my life and hers forever. In the week she stayed with us, she became a part of my family.

Getting to know Mushky reminded me what a crucial role Lev LaLev plays in our girls’ lives. Mushky is so young, and she is alone in the world. Abandoned by her family, she has no one to fall back on. Every one of her siblings lives in an orphanage. We are the only support system, the only family, she has.
Mushky’s older sister came to visit her at my home after not seeing her in months. She was overjoyed to see how Mushky has transformed, from the sad and lonely little girl who came to our orphanage to a beautiful, hopeful child with light in her eyes.

During our time together, I got to know Mushky—her sweet personality, her likes and dislikes. I bought her treats and a pink Shabbos dress. I tucked her into bed at night. When I asked her how she likes the orphanage, she told me, “zeh hachaim sheli!” It’s my life!

She got a lot of hugs and kisses from me. She needs all she can get! While my heart was broken over all the pain in this little girl’s past, I am full of hope for her future.
Thanks to Lev LaLev, Mushky and so many girls like her are blooming at last, finally getting the love and support they so desperately need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for partnering with Lev LaLev! Sharing my home with Mushky gave me an up-close look at how we are changing lives every day.

Without the support of special donors around the world, where would Mushky be?

We started a new program where you can ‘adopt’ an orphan and show her how much you care about her. Donate monthly to help cover her expenses and make her feel loved!

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