Tomorrow not Today

In this weeks parsha we read about the behavior and mindset of Yitzchaks twin sons Eisav and Yaakov. Specifically, it says “Pour me some of that red stuff for I am exhausted”. Yaakov replies “Sell your birthright to me” and Eisav then says “I have no use for the birthright because I am going to die”. The question is obvious why would someone sell their birthright for a bowl of stew and then rationalize it by saying that I’m going to die someday so I’m only interested in today.

I am reminded that on a visit to Moscow in the early 1980’s, I asked the tour guide about a particular government building- which turned out to be the Government Long Term Planning facility. It seemed much newer then the rest of the government buildings. She answered with a smile that Stalin believed that there was no need for long range planning because in the end everyone will be dead anyhow.
At Lev Lalev we teach the girls how to set priorities. Short term pleasures evaporate, but the future is critically important. Our donors too understand that the kindness that they bestow upon our girls TODAY will impact their lives forever. We thank our Lev Lalev family for recognizing that their support today will create a lasting change in each and every girl.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?