We are a Tree of Life

The strong wind storm here in the New York area today is a reminder that without nourishment and deep roots a tree can easily topple and fall to the ground.
At Israel’s Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home, our goal is to strengthen the “Roots” of each and every girl and nourish her life in order to prepare her to remain strong and upright even in times of “Strong winds, heavy rains, and scorching heat”.
In the synagogue (the shul) when we remove the Torah from the ark, we proclaim “Eitz Chaim He”- that the Torah itself is the tree of life to sustain us through good and bad times alike. Through Israel charity and support for poor and orphaned girls, you are helping to make the difference.
Your tzedakah to Israel gives our girls the tools they need- homework helpers, tailor made mental health program, three nourishing meals a day, and many informal programs that gives the girls fun, hope, and a sense of accomplishment.
Thank you for joining in the great Israel Charity Movement.

When they have nowhere to turn, who will be there for them?