What we do





When Others Looked Away
We Took Them In.

Lev LaLev serves religious girls ages 7-21 who come from impoverished, unstable, or otherwise at-risk homes. Some of their parents have passed away or suffer from physical or mental illness. Some girls have suffered from neglect or abuse, or have been deprived of adequate food, clothing, or shelter. Often, the children brought to us are rescued from the streets. Others come directly from school because it is unsafe for them to return home. Many arrive at Lev Lalev with only the clothing on their backs.


A Care That Goes
Beyond The Basics

While the reasons our children come to Lev LaLev are varied, the girls have one thing in common:
They need a family. Our highly-trained staff gives each child a warm and nurturing atmosphere where she can heal and grow.

In order to help them overcome trauma and learn the life skills they need for productive and fulfilling lives,
we strive to meet the girls’ needs on every level: physical, emotional, spiritual and educational.


When a child doesn’t have to worry about where they’ll sleep that night or what they’ll eat for dinner, they’re free to be a child again. For some girls, it’s the first time they have three warm meals a day. When they have new clothing and their own toys, it restores their self-worth, puts them on par with their peers, and allows them to feel dignified. We provide: 


We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our girls’ education. They receive a full Jewish and secular education in one of 14 local schools, based on their individual needs and preferences, as well as an array of extracurricular activities to enable girls to discover and develop their talents outside of the classroom. We provide personal tutoring after school as needed, which is vital for many of our girls, who weren’t attending school regularly or were distracted by their difficult home situations. We provide:


Many of our children suffer from severe mental, emotional, or behavioral issues that can take years to overcome, at an astronomical cost. Yet we spare no expense when it comes to getting them the help they need. We provide:


All of our girls come from religious Jewish homes. We celebrate Jewish holidays, memorable milestones like bat mitzvahs and weddings, and provide spiritual programming to strengthen each girl’s beliefs and practices. We provide:

This physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support serves another vital purpose. It lets the girls know that they are not alone, that there are people — like you — who care about Israel’s orphans. Your generosity gives them back the ability to smile, be carefree, and grow without the chaos of their previous lives. Your goodwill means that they finally have someone advocating for them and giving them the tools to succeed.

Raising Israel’s
Next Generation

The government funding stops when a child reaches 18, but our work doesn’t. We’ve created a special division for girls ages 18-21, specifically devoted to preparing for life outside the orphanage through employment opportunities and access to higher education. A sizable number of our girls pursue careers in education or medicine (many study in the acclaimed Laniado School of Nursing in Netanya) — and some have even traveled abroad to earn their degrees.

 The orphanage also helps many girls realize their dream of marrying and building homes of their own. Our staff not only provides guidance during the dating process, but Lev LaLev orphanage also helps with the costs of their weddings and setting up their homes. Today, we are proud to say that our graduates are capable, confident adults shining their light around Israel.

Your generosity today will lay the groundwork for a new generation of families whose children will have the happy life that every child deserves. Your kindness makes a lasting change.