Get involved


You have the power
to turn their sorrow into joy.

When people like you show that you care, you can put a smile on their faces, sometimes for the first time in a long time. Donations are always appreciated, but that’s not the only way you can help our girls. Here are more ways you can get involved.

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Sponsor a child

Support one girl with a monthly donation toward her care. We estimate each girl’s expenses at $1800/month — which covers therapies, food, clothing, tutoring and more — although it varies case to case. Receive a profile of the girl you are supporting, send her birthday gifts, and meet her when you come to Israel. Establish a personal connection with the life you are affecting. 

Host a fundraiser

For your next birthday, consider asking friends to mark the occasions by donating to a cause that is dear to your heart. 

We’ll help you design a personal website, set a goal, and give you tips and resources to reach it. Your campaign can either be for general support or you can raise funds for something specific like giving the girls an extra trip.

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Lev LaLev girls

Celebrate your special occasions at Lev LaLev

Are you visiting Israel soon? Host your next big event at Lev LaLev and share the joy with our girls. Sponsor a lunch, take them on a trip, or come spend time on grounds. It’s a meaningful way to connect with the girls personally and see the impact of your support first-hand. 

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Host a parlor meeting

Ask your friends to gather around — either in person or virtually — and share Lev LaLev’s important mission with them. We’ll send you the videos and materials you need, or you can choose for a representative from Lev LaLev to come meet your friends in person. 

Smiling girl cutting a birthday cake

Join the bat mitzvah project

Is your daughter turning twelve soon? Sponsor another girl’s celebration on the same night and watch the joy grow. ($1,800.) Alternatively, you can co-host our yearly gala, in which we celebrate all our girls who turned twelve. ($30,00 for the entire event.) Give your daughter a celebration that’s both meaningful and memorable. 

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Leave a legacy in your will

Gift the gift that lasts for generations by designating Lev LaLev in your will. Sponsor a wing in the orphanage or give a capital investment, making a real difference for our girls.