What do we do

Typically, and tragically, when a young orphaned girl arrives at Lev Lalev she arrives with no material possessions. What she does bring is nightmares, pain, and sorrow.

The first thing we do is conduct a team assessment involving a psychologist, criminologist, and social worker. On the advice of this professional team, the house mother and her staff is guided on how to best deal with a new girl.

Heartbroken, Rivki, starving, scared and shaken, arrived at Lev Lalev a short time ago. Her mother recently died and tragically there is nobody to care for her. She came to us with just a backpack. Inside were two stuffed animals, a pair of shoes, and a few soiled t-shirts and blouses.

Within the first few days her therapy began. She has been meeting with a mental health professional twice a week.

Rebuilding self-esteem is a necessary and a long term process, requiring patience and professional intervention. Our approach is to provide the girls the light, love, warmth, and the support they need to succeed.

Our devoted staff serve as the girls’ fathers, mothers, big sisters and life mentors. Indeed, when one of our girls gets married it is often a member of the Lev Lalev staff that walks the Kallah down to the Chuppah (the wedding canopy).

Helping a girl have a second chance is a long and protracted process, but the reward is immense- as it says in the Talmud “To build one life is to save an entire generation”.